Grabs latest figures from the Public Health England API and uses Dash, Plotly, and Pandas to manipulate and show the data graphically.

Written in Python.

A month ago I was perusing Public Health England’s coronavirus dashboard, and found that to get to any sort of map of cases you had to navigate off-site. I decided I would try making my own interactive dashboard from scratch, pulling data from PHE and generating graphs and a map myself using Python - a language I had little knowledge of.

With a bit of tinkering, I produced a few graphs displaying daily cases and deaths. Since then I’ve added 7 day averages, daily tests taken, and a scatter map of total cases per 100k by local authority.

I am also now hosting this app using Heroku.

There are more features I wish to add to make the tool more useful, as well as optimising and generally improving my code, but for now here is how it’s looking.

Edit: Link removed, this tool is no longer active.

Dashboard image

Dashboard image 2

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